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National Geographic Traveler picks Kurdistan Iraq as one of the top 20 trips of 2011.

When we think of Iraq, we think of war and violence but the north of Iraq is a very different place. It is the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan and is slowly becoming a tourist destination, not only for the people of Iraq but also more and more Western visitors. It is not only a place of scenic beauty, with its snowcapped mountains, rivers, lakes and spectacular waterfalls but is also of great historical interest with its many ancient cities, historical churches, monasteries and mosques, museums and ancient caves. Erbil is the location of an international airport which has recently undergone expansion and business is booming. Many new luxury hotels have been built to cater for both business and tourist needs which has lead to some tour operators now offering guided tours to various historical sites of interest. Tour guides such as: and offer guided tours around
This area as well as others, some of which are listed below:
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Some other places in Kurdistan for tourist:
Turist in Kurdistan

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