Library of Hawler-Zaytun

Library of Hawler-Zaytn

Kurdistan regional goverment
Ministry of culture and youth
Directorate of Hawler public library Zaytun

Publich library of Hawler-Zaytoon this library is belong of ministry of culture and youth Kurdistan regional goverment, placed in same Abdurrahman park on main road Hawler Musll in the year 1943 established, then moved to new building in 22th October 2008 in the inside of park Sami Abdurrahman.

Part of library:
First floor
1. The director (Zahir Abdullah).
2. The deputy director.
3. The book hall one name is(Dr. Marf Khanzadar).
4. Classification room.
5. The reading room for male.
6. The meeting hall.
7. Zaytun dispatch memorial hall.
8. Account.
9. Management.
10 Control electric.
Second floor
1. The book hall (Aziz Mala Rash).
2. Internet & computer hall (Falakadin Kakey).
3. Childrensection(Hama Salh Farhadi).
4. The ladies only reading room (Kurdistan Mukrani).
5. Koean publicity room.
6. Book-binding room.
7. The magazine & newspaper hall (Omar Farhadi).
8. The seminar hall (Burhan Jahid).
9. Store room.
10. Service room.

After section building the big hall for party, theater and cinema (Subhe Koye).

Directors library names
1. Salim Mukhtar 1943.
2. Nazm Agha Yaqube.
3. Kazm Ayub Saeid.
4. Abdulla Abdulkarim Ahmed.
5. Aso Hassen Muhammad.
6. Zahir Abdulla

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